Bathroom Policy for Children’s Church

Bathroom Policy for Children’s Church

New Bathroom Procedure for Children’s Church

In reviewing our safety procedures for the coming year, God really impressed upon me that we needed to revisit our policy on taking kids to the restroom. To keep kids and workers safe we are implementing the following procedure. It would be very helpful if you could make sure your child uses the restroom prior to service. This would help class time flow with fewer interruptions. We appreciate your help with this.

Bathroom Policy for Children’s Church

*Ask if anyone needs to use the restroom at the beginning of class. If children need to go have teacher ( not a helper) take them one at a time.

*Before allowing children to enter the restroom, have an adult check to make sure no one else is in the restroom.

  • While children are using the restroom, do not allow anyone to enter.
  • Keep the door slightly ajar so you can hear what’s going on. Remind them to wash their hands.
  • If a child needs assistance, an adult should only enter the restroom if another adult can observe the situation from the main doorway.
  • If a child needs to use the bathroom during class time have the helper get a parent to take the child.

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