May 2023

May 2023

Hello CCOB Families!! 

I want say Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mom’s out there!! Being there for your kid’s is so important, thanks for all you do for your kids and are truly amazing!! 

Family Devotion Topics


May 7th Focus: “We respond to God through worship” Family Reading: Acts 8:26-40 

We will learn the Bible story of a man from Ethiopia who was travelling near Jerusalem. One day as he sat in hos chariot reading the scriptures, he wondered what they meant. Suddenly a man named Phillip ran up to him and began explaining the scripture to him. Phillip taught the man all about Jesus. The Ethiopian man was very excited and believed all that Phillip taught him. He was filled with wonder and the joy of the Lord! Then worship spilled right out of him! 

May 14th Focus: “God accepts all who believe in Him” Family Reading: Acts 10:1-44

Children feel happy when they’re included in what’s going on in their world. Many children also know the pain of being excluded. But a great truth about the Lord is that He accepts all who believe in Him. He rejects no one. Peter learned this in a vivid way when the Lord sent him to Cornelius, a non Jew. In the events that followed, Peter learned that the gospel is for everyone. 

May 21st Focus: “Christians worship God together” Family Reading: Acts 11:19-26 

What happened in Antioch was significant in that it was the first time Jewish and non-Jewish Christians joined together in worship. People there were accustomed to rubbing shoulders with people of different backgrounds and of different ethnic groups. The church in Antioch set a wonderful example for churches to follow in centuries to come. Jesus’ followers were first called Christians in Antioch. 

May 28th Focus: “The Holy Spirit is powerful” Family Reading: Acts 2:1-21 

When Jesus and His disciples celebrated the last Passover, He knew it was time for His arrest and crucifixion. Jesus told His disciples He would be leaving them soon but would send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came in a powerful rushing wind at Pentecost, bringing power and strength to the disciples. The Holy Spirit does the same for us!

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