Glenn Lockwood

Glenn Lockwood

Pastor Glenn was raised in New Jersey and I was raised in Connecticut. We met forty-eight years ago at a summer camp in New England. We were married that Winter and launched life together. We returned for service at that camp for the next eight summers during school breaks.

We have two sons both of whom are married to very fine gals. And, both couples have each blessed us with two granddaughters.

At the turn of the year we will have lived in Elk for two decades which is longer than we have lived anywhere having spent various amounts of time in the East, the Midwest and West along with some time in the Pacific Islands when Glenn accepted position changes in his work.

Glenn grew up attending the neighborhood Presbyterian church. He came to Christ as a young adult when a friend took him to an Assemblies of God church in 1969. From there he did his service to our country as a member of the US Army Security Agency. Through education he pursued Christian education with emphasis in ministry. There have been numerous opportunities for him all along to both engage in development of his ministering and his own personal growth both within the church and various outreaches. Joanne was raised in the Pentecostal traditions within the Assemblies of God. Through the years she has worked to develop her faith through many courses of discipleship. We attended Country Church first for a couple of years before our move to Hawaii and now again for these last nineteen plus years.

Glenn’s passion is for serving which he fulfills within his work in church administration. He also enjoys teaching which he does both in the fellowship and in his volunteer work with the American Red Cross. Joanne’s passion is to serve in helping folks grow in their faith, giving personal time for processing through varied life situations, and learning the age-old disciplines for spiritual development.

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